Date & Name


The Evolution of Spherical Stellar Systems

2003. Oct. 20  Yoon Sub Kim


Numerical N-body dynamics

2003. Dec. 08 Yoon Sub Kim


Daophot photomery

2003. Dec. 29  Seung Kyung Oh


Scuti type variable star

2004. Jan. 05  Yong Hwa Lee


W UMa type variable star

2004. Jan. 12  Yong Hwa Lee



2004. Jan. 19  Yong Hwa Lee


GADGET: a code for collisionless andgasdynamical cosmological simulations

2004. Mar. 23  Myoung Won Jeon


The Jeans equations and Parametric methods for modeling of data

2004. May. 25  Seung Kyung Oh


Propagation of Errors

2004. May. 31  Yoon Sub Kim


Using MPI An Introduction

2004. Aug. 09  Kyung Im Kim


Using MPI An Introduction

2004. Aug. 19  Kyung Im Kim


MPI Documents

2004. Aug. 19  Kyung Im Kim


Star Count

2004. Aug. 21  Ji Hye Shin


Investigation on Astrobiology

2005. Feb. 02  Sun Min Lee


Self Consisten Field (SCF)

2005. Mar. 28  Myoung Won Jeon


Introduction to Open Visualization Data Explorer (DX)

2005. May. 23  Jong Tae Lee


Warp theory (Bending mode)

2005. Sep. 05  Myoung Won Jeon


The realization of compound galaxies (Hernquist model)

2005. Oct. 05  Myoung Won Jeon


Dynamical evolution of the mass function of globular star clusters

2005. Oct. 12  Ji Hye Shin


Herquist Model

2005. Oct. 12 Myoung Won Jeon


M type stars in SDSS

2005. Nov. 02 Yong Hwa Lee


Differential Equation & Nonlinear Conservation laws

2005. Nov. 14 Yun Hee Choi


Triaxial System

2006. Feb. 01 Myoung Won Jeon


Image Calibration : Dark,Bias,Flat-field Frames

2006. Feb. 22 Yong Hwa Lee


Arches Cluster 2006. Feb. 28 Ji Hye Shin


Halo Model 2006. Feb. 28 Myoung Won Jeon


Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics & Artificial Viscosity

2006. Mar.09 Yun Hee Choi


Delta Scuti Stars : Analysis of the R00 Catalog

2006. Mar.09 Yong Hwa Lee


3D Visualization 2006. Mar.09 Jong Tae Lee


ASAS(All Sky Automated Survey)

2006. Mar.23 Yong Hwa Lee


Inductive & Deductive Reasoning

2006. Mar.30 Ji Hye Shin


M=1 mode

2006. Mar.30 Myoung Won Jeon


Spectral classification criteria for late-type stars

2006. Apr.06 Yong Hwa Lee


Fourier Decomposition of ROTSE-I Stars

2006. Apr.26 Yong Hwa Lee


Monte Carlo Simulation of the Velocity Dispersion

2006. Apr.26  Seung Kyung Oh


Gas density, stability, and starbursts near

2006. May.02 Myoung Won Jeon


NSVS RR Lyrae Stars

2006. May.18 Yong Hwa Lee


Warp analysis

2006. May.18 Myoung Won Jeon



2006. May.25 Yun Hee Choi


Stellar motions in the central parsec & paper review

2006. Jun. 25 Seung Kyung Oh


Warp analysis 2006. May.31 Myoung Won Jeon


Disk Shocki 2006. May.31 Jihye Shin


3D Visualization 2006. May.31 Heesun Noh


Mass Estimators

2006. Jun.08 Seung Kyung Oh



2006. Jun.08 Myoung Won Jeon


Bulge Shock 2006. Jun.25 Jihye Shin


Spherical System of The Halo

2006. Jun.25 Myoung Won Jeon


Warp & ring model

2006. Jul.      Myoung Won Jeon


Dynamical Friction

2006. Jul.      Jihye Shin


3-body Regularization

2006. Sep.25 Seung Kyung Oh


Barred Galaxy_1 2006. Sep.25 Yunju Noh



2006. Sep.25 Yunhee Choi


Barred Galaxy_2 2006. Oct.25 Yunju Noh


Potential-Density Pairs set for galactic disk

2006. Oct.     Myoung Won Jeon


Self-Gravitating Polar Rings in Triaxial Galaxy Potential

2006. Dec.    Myoung Won Jeon


Core collapse of Globula custers 2006. Dec.    Jihye Shin


Squeezing method

2007. Jan.09 Myoung Won Jeon


Galactic Center Workshop 2006 (review) 2007. Jan.09 Jihye Shin


Torque of the warp

2007. Jan.23 Myoung Won Jeon



2007. Feb.23 Myoung Won Jeon








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