Dr. Sungsoo S. Kim

Galaxy and star cluster dynamics, Galactic Centers


Jee Won Lee    

Radio observations of molecular clouds     


Jihye Shin

Star cluster dynamics, Globular cluster mass function


Min-Sup Jeong    

Moon Polarity Observation   


   Heesu Shin



Daewoo Lee

Color Image Processing



   Ansun Lee

    Polarimetry, Planet Formation


Jaejin Shin   

Array Programming   

Former Members


Seung Kyung Oh

Currently at  The University of Bonn, Germany


Yong Hwa Lee

Currently at  Asiana Airlines


Jong Tae Lee

Currently at  Daum Communications


Seung Hyun Jo

Currently at Korea Astron. & Space Sci. Inst.



Yunhee Choi

Currently at Sejong University


Myoung Won Jeon

Currenty at University of Texas at Austin, USA


Dr. Jungjoo Sohn

Currently at Korean National University of Education